Monday, June 21, 2010

because Daddy likes to read about my day.

Yesterday's Father's Day phone call to my beloved daddy was interrupted, so we continued it today, during which my daddy sweet talked me into writing more often....well, at least that's why i'm writing right now.........i'm exhausted.  I don't think i would normally be writing if my dad hadn't told me how much he loves to read what i write.  I'm so easy.

After getting home from day-long family festivities at 10-something last evening, i did my evening chores and then got up extra early this morning to do my morning chores before leaving for VBS at 7:15.  Thankfully, VBS only lasts until noon.  It was a blast, and i had a lot to do when i got home.

First, more chores.  Hot animals need water...not a difficult chore, but necessary.

Then it was to the mile of peaches lying splayed on my counter.  I don't really think peaches can technically be splayed, but you get the idea.

I blanched and peeled and pitted and finished with those peaches a few minutes after hubby came home from which point, we put the peaches in the fridge with some sugar and left to go pick just as many more peaches.  Whew.

Tomorrow, i'm told we're going to pick bushels of purple-hull peas.  I have to be honest.  I don't even know what those are.  But my husband has been earnestly desiring to acquire some.  Now that they were offered, here we go!

Lemme tell you something.  Harvest is hard work.  And there is no end in sight.

Tomorrow, after VBS, i am to peel and slice more pears to be added to my currently cooking batch of pear plum butter, and that's before going to get those peas.

In a couple of days, the newest peaches will need attention, along with the peas and the pears.  Peaches, pears, and purple peas.  Hehe!

As the Lord gives me strength, i will get those things done, figure out how to make a trip to the washateria this week in the midst of VBS and harvest, then go celebrate a belated Father's Day on Friday evening with one more deserving dad.  Then we'll get up early Saturday morning for (are you tired of hearing about it yet?) Summer Slaughter.

Meanwhile, my yard is completely out of control, demanding my attention which i cannot not give, and will absolutely have to be tended to beginning Monday morning at the latest.  To add insult to injury, the neighbors across the street mowed their grass today, and now mine looks even taller.  Thanks!

I don't have a formal job, and my days are planned out more than one week in advance.


If anyone thinks i'm complaining, stop thinking that.  I'm not.  I can think of few things more fun or better for spending my time and energy.  I'm extremely thankful for work worth doing.  I spend my mornings having fun with children and other members of the body of Christ, and i spend my afternoons and evenings gathering food for my family.

Totally diggable.


  1. Your life is a blast Beth.......

    Purple Hull peas are my favorite..... Cook them in with bacon chunks..... mmm

  2. He cried and said, I'm blessed.


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