Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grace for Goose, New Life, and Snake Bites

Goose has found a new home!  I am so pleased!  I know i told you this yesterday, but it really happened, and i am so very pleased.  Especially because for a moment, i thought it would not happen.

After i was contacted by a lovely woman who wanted my Goose, i isolated him for easy collection.  I told you that too.

What i didn't tell you is that this morning, i wanted him out of the brooder. This is because my darling Little Mama is hatching today, and i didn't want Goose mucking up the beauty.

So i collected him from the brooder and put him in a bird cage that was, frankly, a little too small.  Nevertheless, i put some food in there, surrounded it by random boards to darken it a little, and he sat down and was relatively calm.  Then, when i got the all important phone call that Goose's new mistress was arriving imminently, i decided to make sure Goose got a good drink before his ride to greener pastures.  The drinking went fine, but then, i thought i would take him out of the cage and hold him.  I don't know why.  I just thought i would do that.

Well, Goose didn't think so at all.  Somehow, Goose slipped, like a fish, right out of my fingers and took off.

Oh dread!  No, please.  Jesus, please help.  Help!

After a couple of failed attempts and a handful of well-earned tail feathers, i went inside and hurriedly asked my darling hero of a husband for his assistance.  He was cooking at the time, but dropped everything and came to my rescue.

In case you've never been in this predicament, it is much easier to catch a scared chicken with two people than with one.  That's just a little fyi.

Anyway, the Lord provided that Goose ran away from us - into the run - so we closed the door.  Hallelujah!

Then we were able to go inside and catch him, and Goose was still saved from the boiling pot in spite of himself.  Honestly, it was just as i was walking out of the run with a terrified Goose wrapped in my arms, that his new mistress drove up to our house.

Just in time!  Praise the Lord!

Meanwhile Little Mama, pictured here, and looking very serious, was hatching chicks.

I really never get tired of this.  It's so beautiful.  Everything about it is beautiful.  Little mama had hatched 6 chicks at 8 p.m. today.  I took a lot of these pictures just a few minutes ago in the dark, and it looks like she may have as many as 8 by now.  I'm very excited for morning.  I have to soak up all my chick cuddling tomorrow because all the new babies go to live at their new home on Monday.

Meanwhile also, Punkin, pictured here, got what appeared to be a snake bite!

Lucky for you, i didn't take this picture earlier.  You can still see a little swelling over there on your left, but earlier today, it was really really bad.  James went to the store to get her children's benadryl, and as some of you parents probably already know, it has been stripped from the shelves.  So Punkin had to wait it out, and she seems to be doing just fine.  Also, i took this picture at night.  Punkin's eyes aren't really those colors.

Poor girl.

Incidentally, Punkin is also now officially up for adoption (not because of the snake bite).  She's a beautiful, sweet, and smart dog, and we've decided that she would be happier with a different mix of dogs or with a family that could give her more one on one attention.  Here are some of her baby pictures.  Isn't she adorable?

This is how i can prove she was raised with chickens.  Just look at those cute little ears!  So cute!

She's a very smart dog, as i said, and would be easy to train and a great family dog for anyone who wanted to give her a home and put in a little time with her.

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