Thursday, June 17, 2010

i know. i know.

What's with all the not-writing?  Right?

I'm not sure.  Having a little brain bog, i guess.

I thought i had something very clever to say several days ago, and after i read it, i couldn't publish it.  It wasn't clever.  It was a little stupid.

What's bogging up my brain?

Good things, really.

On the weekend, we collected 20 gallons of free pears, one gallon of free blueberries, two free chickens to add to our June 26th slaughter, and a shopping basket full of hurricane/random emergency supplies that weren't so free.

These are all really great things, and i'm very thankful.

But i got bogged down on getting everything put away (we have a pretty small house, you know), and while i'm working out those kinks, i'm having a hard time with creative thought.

In addition, i just sent 42 fertilized eggs to work with my hubby - which are to be traded to our customer for a large amount of fresh catfish (more stuff to put away).

Abundance is wonderful.  I am so thankful!  And now i need to get better at keeping up with the blessings.

Chickens and pears in the back of our truck.

Chickens and pears and supplies (see the Ramen noodles?).

Blueberries.  Yum.

Hurricane/random emergency supplies.  There's also a couple of other things in this picture that aren't necessarily emergency related.  But we bought them at the same time, and i like to take pictures of groups of stuff.

Of all this stuff, i have successfully stored only the blueberries.  I should get most of the supplies put away today, now that a couple of kinks have been worked out, and i have a place to put them.  But Saturday is being saved for a very hard working pear-processing day.

Some time ago, when i was having some physical problems in my body that the Lord has since healed, i was praying for myself.  I told the Lord that i want to get up early in the morning and work hard all day, and sleep thoroughly, and get up early the next morning and do it again.  I love working on my farm, and the Lord is answering my prayers.

I truly am thankful......and in a learning process.


  1. You got a bunch of good and yummy things!
    Nice to see you writing again!

  2. thanks for the update!! i love the pictures!!

  3. I love this post! I feel the same way sometimes. :-)

    Everything looks delicious. How fun to see the harvest come in!!!

  4. I love this post! I feel the same way sometimes. :-)

    Everything looks delicious. How fun to see the harvest come in!!!

  5. It is so awesome to realize that the reason you are so happy is because the Lord answered a long-ago prayer! Some time ago, when my life was complex, busy and the paychecks were large, I prayed for a return to the simplicity of poverty. And bingo -- here we are! I have never been happier, or less stressed, in my life.


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