Thursday, June 3, 2010

It was a dark and stormy really

Sometimes, when it storms like that, and it really did storm, i tend to lie in bed, periodically look out the window into the dark, and nervously beg God keep the forest from falling down on our house.

But last night, i didn't do that.  I looked outside (i have no idea what good it does to look out into the darkness, but i do it anyway), but i was never nervous.  I had the most perfect, restful peace.  God is so good.  Sometimes i strive for peace when my nervous flesh gets in the way, but this time, it was just there.  Perfectly still and beyond understanding.

I am thankful for all the rain.  We really needed it.  Though i am disappointed that i won't get to mow today, i'll get over it.  I am sure our garden is loving all the moisture.

I really enjoy mowing.  I don't know if this is a disorder of some kind, but i really like it.  And God has blessed me with a yard that is just the right size to make so that i could mow every single day, if i were able.  Eventually, i'll get to the end of it, and the beginning will desperately need to be mowed again.  What fun!

See, it's not that i don't like exercise, it's that i don't like pointless exercise.  I love getting something done!  So mowing and raking and picking up sticks.....that's for me.  And God knows it.

I got lots of mowing and stick burning done yesterday, and i had intended to do more today, but even if it were dry enough (and i wanted to mow badly enough) to go out there now, i still couldn't because the weather predictors seem to feel it's going to rain most of the day - after ten anyway.  So there you go.  I guess i'll just have to finish those plums and clean my house.  Then i might see if i can think of a way to de-stain my hands, though i'm not holding out much hope for that one.

Later folks...hope you enjoyed this morning's rambling thoughts about dark and stormy nights and happy mowing.

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