Tuesday, June 29, 2010

James the Gardener, and his exploits in vegetables

Over time, people within a plan start to learn wherever everyone best fits in.  And gardening is not my specialty.  But thanks be to God, my husband has four green thumbs, which are quite a conversation starter at parties - but i digress.

I showed you our outdoor garden, the first one to produce any fruit, that James started this year in the spring.  Well, one of the wonderful things about living where we live, is that if you plan it right, you can produce something, all year round.  My darling has been studying what can be produced when - and all the exact times to do what.  

And now he has started an indoor seedling garden in my living room.


I like this one. It looks like a Dr. Seuss land in miniature.

My darling gets especially excited about OKRA.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.  Our spring garden, though humble, is producing some yummy fruit.  Mostly cucumbers and cayenne peppers.  So last evening, my victorious gardener used our collection of pickles to make several jars of bread-n-butter pickles.  YUM.  

Here they are!
You can't see it, but he also did one jar of bread-n-butter okra, green pepper, and other peppers.  That should be interesting.

I'm very proud and excited about my husband's gardening exploits.  It's very very exciting to get nourishment from your own hard work.  And vegetables are one of the coolest ways to do that.  It's very exciting to add something we grew to our dinner - or in this case, pantry.  These are refrigerator pickles - meaning we didn't actually can them.  We just jar them and put them in the refrigerator to give the cucumbers time to soak up the yummy favors.  They'll be ready in two weeks or so.  Though i don't expect them to last very long after that.  In fact.   I would say all five pints will probably be gone in less than a week after we open the first one.  I'll try to remember to let you know.

Teaser for tomorrow:  i'm looking forward to what might be coming in the mail.  Hint:  it involves more live creatures to wrangle!  Woohoo!!!!!

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