Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh Monday

Sometime last week, i told you that this week would be filled with mowing.

Well, Monday arrived (that was yesterday), and i knew the mowing needed to be done.

But i was conflicted.

While the yard needed very much to be mowed, multiple gallons of free produce, stashed in various parts of my kitchen and living room, threatened to rot and be wasted if they did not receive my immediate attention.

I was still conflicted.

Then i heard the weather report.

It turns out there's a wanna be hurricane in the gulf, named Alex.  Alex is set on sending storms our way for the foreseeable future, meaning rain every day.....for a while.

Thank You, Lord, for making my decision for me.

I had prayed for focus.  Then i had it.  

Forget the grass (and weeds and whatnot).  Get this food put away!

So yesterday, i finished shelling and freezing the peas; i finished blanching and pitting and freezing the peaches; and i got back to the original business of these poor, never-dying pears.  The pears are still a work in progress, but i feel a lot closer to being caught up.  I now have a pot of pear/plum butter cooking on one burner, a pot of raw pears boiling on another burner, and a smaller pot of peas for my husband's lunch, cooking on another burner.  This is nice.

I was going to blog last night.  It was getting late, and it turned out that rebooting my computer was going to be completely necessary for success at any online transaction, but while i was rebooting my computer, i found myself way too sleepy to wait for it.  I went to sleep.

This morning, i went to my computer first thing, to blog, and as i sat down, the power went out.

So there you go.

The power is back on, and this is yesterday's entry.

Later today, James the Gardener, and his fantastic exploits in vegetables.

I mean, as long as the power stays on and i don't fall asleep.

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