Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Piece of Toast

Earlier today, i ate a piece of toast.  On that piece of toast, i smeared a thick layer of spicy pear butter.  Spicy pear butter made from pears that i, personally, harvested, boiled, peeled, cored, sliced, cooked, chopped, spiced, cooked some more, and canned.

That's nice.

It's a particular satisfaction.  And it tastes really good too.

It would have been a great satisfaction if i had eaten it on bread that i had baked with butter i had churned from milk i had milked from goats i had raised.  But still, it was pretty nice.  One day, i'll get to do the goats and milk thing. But for now....

For dinner, we had purple hull peas that we picked, shelled, froze, and i cooked on the stove.  That's pretty nice too.

After dinner, i packaged the chickens that we raised, fed, and butchered.  

One day soon, we'll have some of those, probably with some purple hull peas.  

That will be one more step toward a really nice kind of satisfaction.

I will probably bake some bread to go with it.  Just because that adds to the awesomeness.  

And if we're smart, we'll have a salad with our chicken and peas and bread, and we'll put some of our own freshly grown cucumbers and peppers on it, and maybe a boiled egg laid by one of our hens.



  1. That's my sweet, pea pickin' baby!

    "...oh yea? Well, MY wife picks, peels, and processes peaches, pears,plums, and peas.
    She is a raiser of animals aplenty. She waters, watches, feeds and fawnes over chickens, rabbits,dogs, and a greatful husband.
    She IS country."

    I love you,sweetness. You are a joy to hold and to behold. Thanks for all you do and for being "game".

  2. Yay! How exciting. I love that you are doing this, and I am so jealous!!! :-) Maybe you can make a table from the wood from the trees in your backyard? And spin and mold pottery to make your own plates and bowls on which to place the chicken and bread with pear butter? ;-)

    What an accomplishment, Beth. I know it is a ton of work, but how good it must feel when you see all that you are producing by your own hard work. May God bless ALL of it!

  3. Your hubby is so so sweet.......


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