Thursday, June 10, 2010

Because i need to write, even if i don't have anything to say

There i go again, looking for other people's blogs to read, finding nothing, and then realizing i haven't written anything lately either.  So here i am.

I think i have a about a hundred blog posts in my head every week, about every little tiny weird little happening, and then i think a little further and realize that my every moment and thought is probably not good reading.

Oh well.

I guess it must be time for farm updates, and maybe i'll think of something interesting to say.

Rhodie, my red broody hen, hatched 9 beautiful little chicks yesterday, all of which will go to live elsewhere tomorrow.  Poor Rhodie.

I have two more broodies warming pine shavings (as though it weren't hot enough around here), and i have no place to put them to let them brood.  This is because my meat-destined chickens need to use the brooder to get fat so we can bring them to their destiny on the 26th.

I'm feeling kind of special about having a set and calendared date for doing something farm-oriented.  It makes me feel like we're getting somewhere, like we're official.  I mean, this is actually the kind of date that fills the calendar day.  If a family member or friend wants to get together on that date, we have to say, "no, sorry, we're slaughtering chickens that day."  And it's enough chickens that i feel somewhat justified that it will take a large portion of the day.  Honestly, 7 chickens shouldn't normally take that long for two people to process, but we're beginners, so we're taking the day.

My bunnies are getting less boring to me.  I'm learning about holding them and examining them and checking and treating for ear mites.  I'm also learning how to recognize when the boys are ready to be daddies (not yet, but soon).  I cannot wait to start breeding rabbits!  But i have to.  It's too bad.

What's left?  Dogs.

The other day i told you that Punkin was up for adoption.  That was, ironically, my darling punkin-lover's idea (to give her away).  But i noticed her benefit to the pack, made a plea on her behalf, and it is agreed that she will stay here until further notice.

I think that's about it for today's farm update.

I'll leave you with a good laugh.  My husband came across a funny post here, and according to this post, the following states still have the following (among many) out-dated, funny, or possibly misprinted, laws on the books.  I'll just share a few with you.  And yes, this is me, borrowing someone else's material to entertain you.  I'll try to be more original next time.

I'll start with Texas:

In Texas, it is illegal to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel.

I'm sure glad about that.  Can you imagine?

In South Dakota, you're not allowed to lie down and go to sleep in a cheese factory.

I think there might be a problem with drooling on the cheese.  I'm not sure.

In Rhode Island, it is not permissible to bite off another person's leg.

I'm pretty sure that's out no matter where you live.

In Minnesota, you can get yourself in trouble if you paint a sparrow in order to pass it off as a parakeet and sell it.

Whew!  I'm glad they nipped that in the bud!

In Massachusetts, Gorillas are never allowed in the back seat of any car.

Personally, i think this is an excellent law!  I would never allow one in mine.

In Pennsylvania, it's illegal to sleep outdoors on top of a refrigerator.

That has to be uncomfortable anyway.

In Florida, if you tie your elephant to a parking meter, you still have to pay the same parking fee.

It's only fair.

In Indiana, (this one made my science-loving husband most incredulous), they've legislated math and decided that pi is equal to 4, instead of 3.14.

I had no idea they could do that.

Last, but not least (you'll have to read the actual article yourself for more good laughs), in California, you may not eat an orange while in the bathtub.

Remember that please!


  1. Just stoppin by to get caught up and to say hi!! HI!! Those are some crazy laws, there. I'll have to change my plans to shoot that buffalo now, dangit. Have to go up another whole flight of stairs....=)

    So glad Goose got a good home. As I have said before, I'd like to be a farmer one day, too, but I don't think I could ever get used to the slaughtering part. Guess God knows if I will ever be ready for that, and it's why I still live in the suburbs. =)

    Love you! Lisa =)

  2. your readers are looking for more posts ~ just letting you know ~ love you ;-)


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