Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All Those Little Tiny Potential Lives

Today is the day.

Today is the day i stopped staring at this monstrosity and put it work.

Ever since we got it about a week ago, i have been reading manuals and forums and asking repetitive questions and collecting eggs and thinking and re-thinking my plan.

But today became the day that i put this fancy styrofoam thingy to the test.

Will it really make chickies?

Here are the the little eggs.

Forty-eight precious pieces of delectable hen-fruit.

Carefully placed inside this styrofoam robot mother hen.

And now, i'm their mama.

Oh, Lord let 'em do good!  It's such an amazing miracle that with a little heat and humidity, God turns a yolk and a white into a living, breathing, cheeping, being - that i am absolutely befuddled that i could have anything at all to do with that.

Three weeks 'til hatch.  I hope i sleep.

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  1. Hey Tink, I just wanted you to know that hen fruit have a name. They are cackle berries.:)

    Love you,


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