Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Best Thing We Could Possibly Do For Our Country

I don't have to rant on this blog about the state of our country, and i'm not going to.

I will say this.  I know that the solution is not in political campaigns.  Political campaigns, without God, will fail to bring new hope (the real kind of hope) to our nation.

Today, i read something from our old pal, Glenn Beck.

He has asked his viewers/listeners/fans to make a 40 days/40nights covenant to do a short list of items.  The first item on the list is prayer and reconciliation with God.  Please read this link.  It's not very long.  And add to your prayers, Glenn Beck.  Thousands of people are listening to him.  Let his words be from God.

Glenn Beck's Pledge

I can't not support a public figure who is asking the nation to pray.


  1. I signed it. Although I can't kneel, I can lay prostrate.

  2. Is Glenn Beck a Christian or a Morman?

  3. It is my understanding that Glenn Beck is part of the Mormon church. It is also my perception that he has a personal and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


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