Monday, July 12, 2010

The Conquering of Nations

We moved here approximately one year and ten months ago.  This home that i absolutely love was a little bit .... pieced together.  That, and the dear and elderly couple who lived here, hadn't lived here full-time in years.  What i'm trying to get at is that when we moved in, there was lots to do in the way of cleaning before i was willing to put my belongings in the cabinets, etc.

It was a lot of work, work i was more than willing to do.  Might be dirty, but it's my dirt now, and i'm happy about it!  Or something like that.

But at some point on the way to semi-organization, i plum wore out.

Do you remember this gigantic island that sits in the middle of my kitchen?

There it is.  This is a picture i took a year and half ago or so, while my house was clean. I was taking pictures for my mom, and i didn't want to miss the clean moment.  Anyway, this island is so big that it's hard to get the whole thing in one picture.  It's a wonderful size.  You could sleep a family on this thing if you needed to.  And it's the perfect surface area for just about any project you would like to pursue in the home.

But then, there's the underneath part of it.  You would think i would have been delighted to learn that the downstairs of this monstrosity is open cabinetry.  But i took one look inside that cavern, and closed the door forever.


And ever since then, the inside of this cabinet has been, in my mind, the great impossibility.

Until now.

My mind has been stewing on this cabinet for a couple of weeks now.  I'm not very good at really permanently letting something like a dirty cabinet conquer my psyche and continue to live in my home.  And Saturday night, i began to wage war.  Muah ha ha!

I swept and vacuumed and scrubbed and sprayed and scrubbed and aired out.

And today.....i even painted.

Look at that!  You would never know a roach pooped in there!

And then, when it was pleasantly dry, i put stuff in it.

And took pictures!

Can you believe how good that looks?  I feel like i've conquered a nation!

And that freed up some room in other places, and i gained inspiration to.....

dum da DUM! (please image trumpets here and then a drum roll).

I cleaned the shelf.

THE shelf.

I've conquered two nations today.

Isn't that refreshing!  This area is supposed to be my sort of writing things down and paying bills area, but it easily becomes the empty shelf where i stick stuff so i can deal with it later.

But today, it became conquered along with the roachy shelf.

I hope you enjoyed my exciting tales of how i clean my house.

This has been some of the Victorious Conquer Stories of the Old and Roachy.


  1. That's awesome, Beth! More space. Congratulations. I understand this concept because I need it so badly myself.

  2. I am so in love with your kitchen ... It looks GREAT

    Eva :)

  3. AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!! and i'm excited that you conquered the shelf!!!

    i love you!!!

  4. Brava ! Know the feeling, and you deserve accolades and shouts of victory !


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