Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Exhilarating Tales of Yard Mowing

I told you that i put my eggs in the incubator yesterday evening.

Well, first thing this morning, the power went out.


In case you aren't familiar, incubators (or at least this one) run on electricity, provided by a power cord.  Thus, incubators don't incubate when the power is out.  For that reason, i'm sincerely hoping there are no hurricanes hitting my area in the next three weeks.

I really couldn't do anything for my eggs, so i made the necessary phone call to alert my power company that they weren't really doing their job at that moment, and then i went outside and got to work. After all, there wasn't much i could do inside, and i had plenty of work to do.  I mowed and mowed and mowed. A couple of hours later, the power came back on, and maybe two minutes after that, i also ran out of gas, so i went inside to pray for my eggs.

Today was my second day in a row of mowing like i said i would.  And with heavy rains predicted for the rest of this week,   (The weather man called it "the shadow of Alex."  They like to make it sound so dramatic!) i decided i better push it and get as much mowing done as possible.  So, i went back outside and mowed and mowed and mowed some more.  When i figured out that the giant sweat drops falling on my face were actually drops of rain, i started heading for the shed to put away my mower.  And then pretty much as soon as i got it put away, the rain started to pour.

Boy did it feel good!

I felt very satisfied at the end of my morning that it definitely looks like we live here and that we probably care about our home.  Success.

In case you wonder, i also enjoy my home a great deal more when it sports a little less of the jungle look.

And i got a nice natural shower outside with my clothes on.  Even better.

Even more better, my plan is working.  After two days of kicking my butt out of bed early in the morning to go outside and do some good old fashioned hard labor (o.k., maybe not HARD labor), i also had the motivation and energy to clean my house.  My kitchen is in a much much improved state, which inspires me to bake things and mess it up again.  I'm not sure what the deal is with that.

Tomorrow, if it isn't raining first thing in the morning, i figure i'll see about picking up some of the branches and what not that i cut down today after i stopped mowing.  And then again, if it is raining, maybe i'll take the morning off.  Yeah, that sounds nice.

Who knows, maybe i'll even tackle that shelf.

I think it's mocking me.

Are those Christmas decorations in that little box?  Yes, yes, they are.  Why do you ask?


  1. Beth I LOVE YOU...... You are such a nut!

  2. She might be a nut but she is screwed on to the right bolt!
    And I love her, too!


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