Monday, July 5, 2010

Laziest Day EVER

I know that today is the fifth of July, but for those folks who work all week and get paid for holidays, today was July 4th.  Meaning, my husband was home today.  Something about his being home on a week day inspires me to take my own day off.

That and the fact that we came home after midnight last night helped me to sleep until 8:00 this morning - which for me, is late.  My chickens are pretty much planning a revolt by 7:30, so i usually let them out closer to 7:00.  Anyway.  I got up and fed bunnies and dogs and released the velociraptors chickens.  Then i went inside and pretended to clean the kitchen, until my hubby woke up and decided to cook things.

Later i took a nap, after which i got up and cooked things,
(Incidentally, this is Zeb-not, the first we've eaten of our summer slaughter, and he was very tasty.)  

leaving a monumentously messy kitchen (it's really not THAT bad), and now i'm about to go to bed.


Not the schedule of a farmer.  Not by a long shot.

What's my problem, you ask?

Well, i think i know.  With all this produce (pears and peaches and peas and plums) in the house as of late, i have forsaken my normal in-the-morning-before-the-sun-begins-its-ultimate-punishment-chores.  Getting outside before my eyes have fully opened - and staying there until i feel like i've gotten something done and worked up a good stench, really helps my day go better.

It's weird how adding extra stuff to your work load helps you get more done.  Or at least it does me.

So, tomorrow, i'm breaking the cycle.

In spite of the dirty dishes in my kitchen and the bucket of remaining pears nearly rotten in my living room, i will arise tomorrow and use my lawn mower.  I will sweat.  I will come in and drink.  And then i will go out and sweat some more.  When i think i've had enough - or used up a couple of tanks of gas - i will come inside and fix my husband's lunch and possibly rinse myself off.

Consequently, i will have energy and wakefulness to truly clean my kitchen, finish packing the hurricane box, and get on with other things in regard to preparing for hurricane season.  I might even organize this shelf.

O.k., well, that might be pushing it a little.

One of my neighbors called the other day to make sure we still lived here, so maybe we really need to get after that grass.  I can no longer use the rain as an excuse.  I must mow.  And i will love it.  Really, i will.  I love to mow.  I just don't necessarily love to get up when i'm tired.  And then the neighbors will know that we still love our land and we didn't mean to be so messy.


I should go to bed.

Right now.

Happy fifth of July, everybody!


  1. weather report says rain all the rest of the week here ~ so mowing needs to happen at our house this morning as well!! have fun!!! I love you!!

  2. Very funny! Good to laugh first thing in the morning........=)


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