Thursday, July 1, 2010


Three hundred.

This post is my 300th post.


I want to write something momentous on my 300th post, and i don't have anything particularly momentous to say.

Though, i am sort of floored that i have blathered on quite that much.

Well, i mean it took me four years and seven months, and three different blogs, to pull it off.  But the last 149 posts took place all in 2010. And 2010 is only half over.  I hope that my writing and presentation and voice and whatever have improved during that time.

O.k., i just looked.  My blog writing has definitely improved during that time.

And that was kind of the point.  Or part of it.  It's hard to become a good writer without practice.

Thank you for reading.

That's what i should really be saying.  Thank you for reading.  You make writing fun.

A couple other momentous-ish things happened today.

My long awaited pressure canner and my spur-of-the-moment incubator were delivered today!  This is very exciting!  And requires a great deal of reading and oiling and calibrating and reading some more and looking at the new purchases with slight trepidation, hoping i will neither blow myself up (pressure canner) nor accidentally cook developing chicks (incubator).  But i'm sure i can become an expert.  It's just the first getting to know something that can be a little scary.  That and James keeps trying to make me promise not to take my eye off the pressure gauge for a second....which i can't really promise, because who's going to stand there for 40 minutes and stare at a gauge?  Not me.

I do, however, promise to be very careful, to read and follow the directions, and be reasonably (and not obsessively) aware of the pressure gauge and other safety features.  And i will not blow myself up.

In other news, we opened our box of crickets to find that it also contained ants.


Did you hear me?


Ants are bad for crickets of any age, and UPS doesn't seem to care.  That's all i'm going to say about that.  For now.

We still have crickets, and they multiply, and we will be appropriately overrun with crickets soon enough.  But still.


In closing, i would like to say that i usually try not to beg for comments, but since it's my 300th post, if some of you silent lurkers would like to comment on my post, or congratulate me on blathering on so very often about myself, or just leave a smiley face to let me know you read my blog from time to time, that would be diggable.

You could even just tell me you like my hat.

And i 'll love ya still even if you don't.

Thanks again for reading!


  1. Ok, seriously now -
    I really enjoy reading your blog b/c it makes me feel a part of your life. I LOVE LOVE (yes there are 2 loves) reading about all your trials, dogs, bunnies, chicks, mowing, soon-to-be-canning, slaughtering, etc, etc!

    Congratulations on 300! And to think 1/2 of it has happened this year... there is a reason for that - you and your man have really had some cool stuff happen this year. Yes, I would still read about you watching the grass grow or paint dry, however your life is exciting!

    Love you bunches from Colorado :)

  2. ooh, almost forgot - if you happened to send some bread-n-butter pickles or somethign my way, I would not at all be offended :)

  3. Dwyer,

    Thank you so much! I didn't really know that you read all that often. I love knowing you're reading and that i'm still telling you about my life even though you're so far away.

    I love you and miss you so much!

    Thank you thank you for love loving my blog!

  4. I am jealous that you have a head that fits in a hat. Our family is known for having extremely large heads. Even if we slick our hair down, our heads are huge. You look so darling in your hat. Some of us only have pretend hats. Others call them scarves.

  5. Please, keep on blathering. We like to read about your life, we like your pictures, and we like your hat. And we like you.

  6. congrats! i read every post :) even though I don't like outdoors, or animals... oh, and that rigor mortis chicken is AWESOME.

  7. i'm a very happy faithful reader of your blathering!!!

  8. Kris,
    Maybe we're related.
    This hat is my hat, for one reason, specifically because it fits on my head. And i make use of all the elastic to make it fit too. Most hats will never fit on my giant melon.
    Thank you for reading!

  9. mummybarker,

    Thank you for liking me. It means more than you think.

    I like you back.

  10. Jess,

    I am humbled that you read my every post. You are one of my bloggerly influences, whose brilliance in blogging i admire and enjoy every day. I read your every post also.

    Thank you!

  11. Mere,

    I know you are. Thank you for reading my posts and being my friend.


  12. BIG FAN!! Really, of you & your goal of food sovereignty - wow! And of your great pics, and fun sweet personality... keep writing, cuz I want to keep reading...


    And, btw - I <3 your hat!

  13. Thank you, MissKerri!

    I love to know you're reading!


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