Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My first recipe submission.

Right now, i'm eating my dinner and will momentarily rush off to get ready for church.

But before i go, i want to tell you a thing or two.

First, i have been honored with a recipe submission from a couple of dear friends.  Today i got to try it out, and i hope to share it with you this evening after church.  Possibly very late evening - so you know, look for it in the morning.  ;)

Second, i feel very honored to have had a recipe submitted.  I didn't really know what to do about it, so i had to think it through to decide how to present it on my blog.

The sharer of this recipe is Jan.  Jan does not currently read my blog, but perhaps this might change, since she'll have to read her recipe when i post it this evening.  Jan is a quiet sweet lady, who cooks the most wonderful yumminesses, loves to share them with others, and whom i think does not know how dear she is to my heart.  This is me telling her - and you.  She is dear to my heart.

Her recipe, with pictures, was submitted to me by my friend, the Viking Granny, who sent me roughly 43 separate emails with separate pictures detailing the illustrious recipe event.  Viking Granny a.k.a. Joy, does know how precious she is to me.  This is me telling her even though she already knows.

Today, i spent some time putting together the pictures, writing down the directions (i don't have a printer right now) and trying out - and sometimes messing up - this recipe.  I've never made it before, and i am excited to come home and chow down on the part i didn't mess up.

So stay tuned for Jan's Lazy Man Flan.  Even though Jan is neither lazy, nor a man.  A yummy traditional Mexican treat, made with modern ingredients.

And now, this is me rushing off to get ready for church as previously promised.


  1. woo hoo yippeeeee I can not wait! and I LOVE YOU TOO!

  2. awesome!!!! Tomorrow is circus day so we can talk on Friday!!! Rachel and I have to be at the Mardis house at 8 am!!! This is me rushing off to bed now!!!!

    I love you!!!


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