Friday, August 20, 2010

Jury Duty

Back in the days when my daily occupation involved dressing up nice, interacting with people, and getting bi-monthly checks for my trouble, i did so at the local courthouse where i used to live.  During my 7 years working for the county, i learned a lot about the legal system, from the inside.  I was one of those clerkish types at a counter or on the phone for several years.  Then i was one of the clerkish types sitting next to one of several judges during court.  And then for the last year and half or so, i was one of the clerkish types working in a specific judge's office, appearing in court to deal with criminal defendants and lawyers, scheduling court dates, making important phone calls, and generally doing the judge's bidding.

But never, in all those years of watching proceedings and shuffling papers and typing information, did i get to serve on a jury.  I've gotten an inside view of many different aspects of legal proceedings - but never this one.  I talked to, instructed, and fed lots of jurors, but never was one.

On Monday, i have jury duty in my current county.

I'm pretty excited.

I really hope i get to serve on a jury - just hopefully not a capital murder.  I'm not up for deciding if someone lives or dies this week.

Now, i have told a couple people that i have jury duty, and i have received in response, a look of sympathetic disappointment and near-pity.

And this is where i must take a small step up to my soap box, so you can hear me clearly.  Christians should be eager to contribute integrity to our legal system.  How silly of us to leave the demise of our peers in the hands of people who may or may not believe in any level of integrity and then complain that the justice system is corrupted.  Stepping down now.  Just sayin'.

So i'm excited.

I'm also nervous.

I can't decide what to wear, and i'm hoping that my chicks will be o.k. while i'm not able to check on them every five minutes.

Oh, i'll be so disappointed if they cancel it.

 I hope i get picked (as long as it's not a capital murder).
 I hope i get picked (as long as it's not a capital murder).
 I hope i get picked (as long as it's not a capital murder).

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  1. Preach on sister!

    I am proud of you!



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