Sunday, August 15, 2010

My relaxing, three day long Saturday

I have a few extra minutes this morning, so i can post before church.

Yesterday felt like three days.  Three good days.  It was so lovely.

The alarm went off at 6am - on SATURDAY - so you're not expecting a relaxing day, right?  Well, we got up early to get ready for slaughter and all that, and i told you how that went yesterday.  But then we were finished and completely cleaned up by like 10:00.

Unexpectedly, my darling decided to make the most wonderful lunch.  He went to the store and bought corn tortillas and on-sale avocados to make corn chips and guacamole.  Yum!  I combined mine with some hamburger meat and cheese for some unusual nachos, and they were wonderful!

After all that, we were both sleepy and full as ticks, so we took a nap!  It really was the most peaceful day!

That was day two of yesterday.

After i woke up, and my hubby was still sleeping, i got it in my head that i wanted to get some pictures of Rocky.  You know Rocky, my one prize rooster (not that he's won any prizes; he's just a special treasure to me), the one who faithfully watches over the flock, never acts aggressively toward anyone, including small children who walk up and smack him.  And he stands regally and authoritatively, prince and protector of the hen yard, watching for danger, so he can warn his hens.

And i didn't have any really good pictures of him.  I still don't, but i gave it a few good tries.

Here's Rocky, walking away from me.  But look at those beautiful colors!

Here's Rocky being told a secret by a pretty girl.

Here's what might have been a really good picture if my lens hadn't suddenly fogged up.

And here's Rocky, doing his job and watching over his ladies while they eat their dinner, 
without a care in the world.

A good rooster, i have learned, is a priceless commodity to a (or at least this) chicken farmer.  And i got a really excellent one on my first try.  I am truly blessed.

After stalking Rocky for a while, i went back to bothering Mathilde and her chicks in the brooder, but i didn't take any new pictures of anything but their wings.  And that's kind of boring, so i'll spare you.

Well, that's all for now.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Rocky is very pretty!!!

    mere pete

  2. Thinking about what it might be like to be watched over without a care in the world -- that made me tear up. Silly me.


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