Monday, August 9, 2010

My VERY Exciting News

I have to start by warning you.

This morning when i told my friend, Meredith, about my "VERY exciting news," i realized that the things that are "VERY Exciting" to me don't necessarily ring home with others.  Thus i must apologize if i unnecessarily got your hopes up about my VERY Exciting News.  You might not be quite as very excited as i am.

Secondly, i need to tell you that this evening was very sultry, that is the weather outside, was very sultry.  So i imagined that i would tell you a story that starts with, "It was a thick and sultry Monday dusk..."  I have to admit that my sultry intro doesn't really go with my VERY exciting news, but i might give it a shot anyway.  Here goes.
My VERY Exciting News on a Sultry Monday Dusk

by Beth Rogers

It was a thick and sultry Monday dusk in Rogers Country.  A thick layer of sweat smothered my brow as i finished my evening chores and returned to the kitchen.  My handsome husband was hauling in animal feed while i stopped to admire the newest welcome addition to the Rogers Country food sovereignty objective.

A Meat Grinder!

Squeals of delight erupted from the Rogers kitchen, dispelling the suffocating atmosphere.  The birds began once again to sing, and the squirrels returned to play, as i dreamed of the home made duck sausage and deer burgers that would  be part of our future at Rogers Country.  We put our new treasure to immediate use, by grinding 11 pounds of discount brisket, into 12 packages of ground beef.  Our dream, beginning slowly, is taking shape.


*Disclaimer:  Some of the details of the preceding story have been modified, twisted, or fabricated for the entertainment of the writer, and possibly also the reader (you be the judge).  The presence of the meat grinder, the sultry night air, the handsome husband, and the ground brisket are all based entirely on fact.


This has been my VERY exciting news.


  1. I'm very excited for you!!!! love the story!!!!

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  3. Now that's a great new addition to the family! And just like the ones with legs, you put stuff in one end and it comes out the other.

    I think I am being inappropriate again. It's a curse.

  4. OMG Beth awesome! Yippee .... Fantastic.... making your own hamburger is a great idea. I am so happy for you..... you can use that for chili meat and sausage and OMG..... This is GREAT news and very exciting!

  5. Awesome! And i did like the embellishments in the story! =)

  6. LOVED the exciting news! And the 'possibly fabricated' story. You definitely have a way with words.

    Congrats on the newest addition to your home. I know you will put it to good, er I mean, GREAT use!


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