Friday, August 20, 2010

The New Thirty-Five

Today is my mama's birthday!

I'm not going to reveal her calendar age, but whatever it is, it's the new 35.

Next week, i turn calendar 35, so i'm probably like 15 or something.  I'll let you know.

In honor of my mama's birthday, and because it was calling my name, i used some leftover scrumptuous yard bird to make myself a chicken salad sandwich.  So yummy!

This is a pretty rare occasion in my world because my darling dislikes almost every mayonnaise-based food.  I LOVE mayonnaise-based food, and i have missed chicken salad sandwiches.

When i was a younger girl, my mama would cook a whole chicken and then used the breast meat, which no one (to my memory) at our house ever ate, to make chicken salad.  There would be a big bowl of it in the fridge, and we could have some with crackers, or on toast, or sometimes secretly by the oh so yummy spoonful.

Sadly, i'm not sure i've made chicken salad at all since i left home.  So this is a truly momentous event in my home. I used home-grown chicken and home-grown eggs.  And it is scrumptuous!  And there's enough left for another sandwich!  Maybe tomorrow.  The nice thing about having a mayo-hating spouse, is that i get to have all the chicken salad to myself!

Happy 35th birthday, Mom!  Thank you for chicken salad and fried egg sandwiches and a host of good feelings of being loved and cared for by a spectacular show-piece of a mom!



  1. Beth, you picked what is probably my favorite picture of my two favorite girls in all the world.
    You make an old man proud.

    I love you and have for over 35 years.

  2. I love you too, Dad!

    What old man?

  3. You are pretty special, yourself! Thanks for the phone call and the blog. Love from this 35 year old. =)


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