Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Southern Winter

In the north, there is a sort of time of stillness in areas where it snows a lot in the winter.  The winter, at some point, just gets so deep and cold and unbearable that everyone hides in their homes and waits for spring.

This is Texas.  And we have reached our southern winter.  It has come to the time of the year when it just gets so hot outside that everyone hides in their homes and waits for a cold front - or possibly a hurricane.  We look forward to the evening, when it cools down to ninety degrees or so, so we can go outside and do some chores.

One day last week, it was only 85 at noon, and i thought it was a lovely, cool summer day.

It's kind of the same.

Thankfully, my chickens are troopers and have not let up on the egg-laying.

But our poor garden plants.  The cucumbers couldn't take it anymore, and they were pulled up this evening.  My stevia plant, which was looking quite lovely, has simply shriveled before i knew what was happening.

The okra plants (which are basically okra trees at this point) are still holding out.  But they do sport a few suspicious brown leaves.

The peppers are finally going gangbusters.  Apparently they like the ridiculous heat!  I have no idea what i'm going to do with that many cayenne peppers.

It's summer.  The deathy part of summer.  The part of summer when your electric bill seems to double, but you can't bear to turn off the a/c.  The part of summer when the feel of the air outside brings images of cracked desert ground, and you thank God for trees that bring shade and the vague memory of rain.

In case you've been wondering about our weather.

It's summer.


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  2. That really helped me to read that Beth. Instead of always dreading AUGUST i should think of it exactly as you wrote. I would rather be snowed in on a mountain in Park City with a cup of hot cocoa..... but here I sit with my fan and a glass of iced tea deep in the heart of Cut n Shoot...


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