Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We can certainly conquer it!

The book of Numbers chapter 14, in the Old Testament of the Bible, records part of the story of the Israelite's travels in the wilderness, before they came to live in the Promised Land.

At one point, 12 men were sent to see about this promised land and report back to the people.  The twelve men who came back reported giant grapes, milk, honey, and giant men.  Ten of the men were discouraged.  They forgot their God and announced to the people and to Moses that there was no way they could conquer this promised land.

Two men, Caleb and Joshua, believed that if their God was for them, no giant could stand against them.

They told the people, "if God is on our side, those giants are helpless against our attack!"  (my paraphrase)

And they were right.  They had God's vision in their eyes because they looked at the world around them through the filter of God's promises.  They knew their God was bigger than what their eyes could see and their human minds could contrive.

Caleb said, "We can certainly conquer it!"

Because of their faith, Caleb and Joshua were the only two of their generation of all the millions of Israelites who were delivered from Egypt by God's mighty hand, who actually got to enter the Promised Land, including Moses.

I want to be like Caleb.

Even though the people, in their fear, wanted to stone Caleb and Joshua for believing God, they stood strong.

"We can CERTAINLY conquer it!"

How horrible to do all that wandering in the desert just to come up short.

All in all, God asks something very simple of us.  Believe Him.  Thats what pleases Him.

"We can certainly conquer it!"


What do you think about that?