Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Week That Went "POOF" and Was Gone!

This is the weirdest week.  It's like it didn't even happen.

On Saturday morning, i helped with childcare for a special meeting at my church.
On Sunday morning, i helped with childcare for a regular meeting at my church.
On Monday morning, i had jury duty, which took up about as much of my time as if i had gone to church.

By Monday evening, i was feeling funny and sniffling a little, after which i went into a fog of head-achey, sniffly, coughing, fevery, sleepy discomfort, from which i awoke this morning.

I also missed church on Wednesday - and thus, choir practice.

About an hour ago, i realized that tomorrow is Friday.

Can i get my week back anyone?  I think i missed it.

Updates from before and during the fog:

Jury Duty:  I was not picked to serve on this case, and i was thankful for God's mercy because this was a case the details of which i would have very much wished to forget.  I was doubly thankful when i got sick - that i was not sick and in jury service.

Chicks:  Did you know i was hatching chicks this week?  Well, they didn't hatch early like they normally do, so for a moment, i thought i had somehow killed all 24 eggs.  It turned out that this batch was right on time, and i successfully hatched (by God's great miracle of heat applied to egg makes chicken; how weird is that?) 23 chicks out of 24 eggs.  This is an outstanding hatch rate, and i am super pleased!  I also plan to start 24 more eggs in the incubator tomorrow.

Outside chicks:  Through a series of mishaps and predator attacks, some known and some unknown, the population of my broody's hatch has shrunk from 8 to 3.  I am displeased, but happy about the remaining three.

Edgar:  You know, the young rooster who so sweetly protected his hatchmate, Lily and then miraculously escaped his date with the butcher's hatchet?  Well, i'm thinking and considering that i just might keep him!  I'm practical, don't forget, so i have a reason.  Edgar is a cross between a Rhode Island Red rooster (featured in this post after the tacos) and a Buff Orpington hen (like the one telling Rocky secrets in that same post, after the tacos).  This cross gave him (and a female in my flock) the most beautiful terra cotta color with flashes of bright, metallic orange.  If you know me - like in person - you might also know that these colors are irresistibly beautiful to me, so i'm considering giving a try to breeding that color on purpose - in my chickens.  I have no idea what i'm doing, but i'm just curious enough - and delighted with this color enough - to give it a shot.

Pictures:  Where are the pictures that should go with all these updates?  Well, they're in my camera, and besides, update posts like this rarely get pictures that relate to the content.  For example, here is a picture of Rocky or one of his brothers, when he was very awkward and teenagery looking.



  1. Hey good to hear from you again.
    I am sorry to hear that you were sick but thankful that you are doing better.

    Love you lots,

  2. Yippeeeee BETH is baaaack......

    I am so glad that you did not get picked for Jury Duty and I am glad that Edgar escaped the AXE and I am glad that YOU are feeling Better!


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