Friday, August 6, 2010

Who HAS it this good?

Today was pay day/grocery day.

I love that my husband likes to cook.

Yes, those two things are related, along with the next seemingly unrelated statement.

Seemingly unrelated statement #3:  This week, my husband's workplace was cleaning out the shop, and somehow from that, he inherited a perfectly functional and sturdy -- though rusty looking on the outside -- barbecue grill that is probably large enough to hold two briskets (*i misspell this word "briscuit" every time*).

Normally on payday Fridays, my love brings home dinner for me so i don't have to cook.  Today, he decided to buy meat and come home and grill it for me.  Nice.

I'm pretty sure he also wanted to try out his new grill.  Whatever.

He had purchased charcoal at the grocery store but underestimated how much he would need for this grill, so he had to go back to the store for charcoal and then ended up adding some oak from our yard to the fire.  (***Incidentally, this "new" grill solves my quest to save up oak wood ashes for making lye!  Major awesome!***)  Then since we had such a large amount of heat, we decided to go ahead and grill most of the meat he had purchased at the store, i.e., 15 or so porch chops (they were on sale) and two packages of sausage.  After we ate our carnivore dinner and put away the enormous amount of leftovers (so now i don't have to cook for like a week!), we saw that the grill was still hot and burning away and decided to get more meat to cook on it.  (Score!)  So my grocery shopper extraordinaire went back and picked up ground beef for burgers, more on sale pork chops, and ..... oh, i just realized i have to save the other really awesome big thing for Monday. So stay tuned for that.

So at the end of this evening, we (meaning mostly my husband) have also grilled 5 pounds worth of the best burgers you have ever eaten, and we have 5 or 6 more pork chops in the fridge to be grilled in the morning.  We're going to start using oak wood to grill, and then, as i said, i'll have lots of ashes to start making lye.

I love this grill.

Anyway, i'm here to brag about my husband who just essentially cooked dinner for the next three weeks (at least).  Who has it this good?  Me.  Just me.  And it is SO good.  Yum.


  1. YUM ! The flavor of wood grilled meats is just head and shoulders over charcoal. You are SOOO lucky.

  2. I love doing this. I freeze the meat in meal size packages and then WALLA all you have to do is heat up veggies or make a salad. You peeps at Rogers Country sure are smart. Maybe I should pop in for a bite... yummm

  3. what did you have to save til Monday??? Its Monday! I'm waiting!!! :-)

  4. Sorry, it has to wait until this evening - and hope my husband buys batteries so i can take a picture. ;)


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