Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All The Days

All the days in the world
are waiting for their turn.
And they never get another turn.

Ryley - 2009

This little quote has been on my fridge for over a year.  It was spoken by a little girl i have never met, but it has spoken to me over and over and louder and louder ever since i heard it.  Her mom is a dear friend of mine from college, whose blog i read regularly.  

Little girls seem sometimes to have so much beautiful simple wisdom that gets so clouded as we grow into women.

These words resonate in my heart and remind me of my own desires.  I want to take advantage of all of my days because none of them gets another turn.  This is the whole reason i so desperately wanted to leave my nine-to-five to work at home.  My heart desired so deeply to be able to make a home for my husband.  But i found myself unsuccessful and empty at the end of long days of shuffling paperwork and criminals and the politics of this world which i both dislike and do not understand.

So now i'm here.  The Lord has fulfilled so many of my desires.  I don't want to waste it.  I don't want to waste one day.  The Bible says that all of my days were planned by the Lord before i was born.  (Psalm 139:16).  Oh that the Lord would grant that i would not miss out on one moment He has planned for me.  That He would allow me to fulfill all that He has planted in me.  All the days.


  1. Wow! "Out of the mouths of babes!"

    Thanks for sharing, and for the reminder that each and every one of my days, all of them, whether I like them or not, were planned by God while He was still knitting me together in my Mom's womb.

    God bless!


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