Monday, September 13, 2010

Animal Management Success!

Animal Management Success!

Tonight, all of my chickens put themselves to bed in the right place.  The incubator babies were all accounted for in their safety cage (as opposed to sleeping next to the run's gate).  My broody hen, Mathilde, finally took her chicks to the coop at night (after having to be carried there night after night), and no one rebelled and decided to stay outside.  All forty-eight chickens, inside. And i didn't have to put them there.  This is a wonderful success.

To top it off, each of my three dogs, peaceably followed directions at dinner time and ate out of his or her own bowl without anyone wrestling or growling or fussing over the matter in any way.

Maybe i'm doing something right.

After such a great streak, i'm sleepy, and i'm going to manage myself to bed before my streak is broken.

Good night.


  1. Well Done Beth! I know how nice that is. What a peaceful evening you've had. Love it when it all comes together :)


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