Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bingo, the Muppet

This morning, i went outside to give my dogs some treats (because i love them), and i found this.

Muppet Bingo!

Poor baby.  Apparently, i didn't seen him earlier when i went to let the chickens out.  I would definitely have noticed this!

Poor Bingo!

If you're unfamiliar with my dog, Bingo.  His face is usually half that size.

I don't know if it's spiders or snakes or what it is, but this happened to Punkin once too (i didn't get good pictures that time).  Neither of them seemed to be in pain or even noticing their giant faces.  Punkin's was close to normal by the next day, if i remember right.  We'll see how Bingo does.  He wasn't exactly back to normal when i fed him this evening.

In other dog news, and a possible explanation of the muppet face effect, i went outside a little earlier than normal to feed the bunnies.  Thank God i went a little earlier than normal (i normally feed the bunnies after dark).  The dogs went with me, of course, and on the way there, they found something that got their attention.  I thought it was a frog.  We have lots of frogs.




If they hadn't been in the way, i might have stepped on it.  And no, sorry, i didn't get a picture.  I did, however, hurry back inside while my hero dogs chased the mean ol' snake into the woods.  And while i was inside, i sang their praises.  Hero dogs!

I think the mean ol' snake might have been after my broody hen's chicks.  Not just because he's a chicken snake - but because Mathilde has forsaken her normal hiding place for the better-lit porch where the dogs sleep.

Oh look!  There's my dream team now!
Wait.  Let's try that again.
Everyone look at the camera, please!
Oh dear!  That's not what we're looking for at all!  Oh well. You get the idea, right?  They're still great dogs, even if they can't get organized for a group picture.

Oh!  Here's Bingo!  His face looks better, right?


  1. Bingo is so cute Beth! His face was rather large :) LOL. Glad you didn't step on the snake!

  2. I'm sure glad you have those dogs!
    Glad your'e OK!
    Love you!

  3. HA! What is it with kids and dogs...don't they know when to be still for a picture? ;)


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