Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Birthday

Today's birthday festivities included eating breakfastish meal at Denny's and shopping for birthday presents for ourselves.  Not too bad, i say.

Here's my gun slingin' super hero at Denny's.  Don't worry; there was no gun slinging to be had at Denny's, but he gets to retain that name for a couple of days for getting a snake in the head in the dark while half asleep. In this picture, we were waiting for our meal.  The faces of innocent co-customers who were accidentally photographed have been fuzzed out because they probably weren't ready to be published on the www without their permission - and because it's fun to use Picasa's retouch feature.

Gun-slingin' super hero's birthday present includes a scroll saw.  Sorry, i didn't get the scroll saw in a non-fuzzy picture.  This is just the stand.  Boring, i know.  But i should mention that the gssh has a real knack for making really really beautiful things with wood, given the appropriate tools, so keep an eye out for amazement.

My chosen birthday gift is a sewing machine.  But i ordered mine online.  So while we were out, we went to Hobby Lobby and picked out fabric for my first project - curtains.  This is our bedroom window with the chosen fabric draped over the curtain rod.  I should have turned on that lamp when i took the picture so you could see how well the yellow fabric matches the amber of the lamp.  But i didn't, so you're going to have to take my word for it.  They both also match my sheets, which i love.  Incidentally, depending on the settings on your monitor, the yellow fabric also matches the background of my blog page.  Fancy.

And this is Jelly, who is, in this picture, very excited about more new baby chicks.  Isn't she cute?

And these are a few of the new baby chicks.  They finished hatching this morning and were moved, immediately, into their outdoor brooder.  More about that over on Chicken Chat.


  1. awesome happy birthday happy anniversary and happy birthday! this is a great time of year for your family..

  2. Being completely zoned out on pain killers and muscle relaxants, I hope I get it right when I say Happy Birthaversary to Beth and her Hero! You bless us all so much with your love and care and concern and thoughtfulness. And that's the Vicoril or Flexerdan talking !

  3. yippeee!!!!!! great picture of the hero!!! Happy birthaversary to both of you!!! i love you both!!!


  4. I just read a whole week's worth of blog posts to Daddy and he "cried like a baby". He says he is "so proud of you. Proud to call you his daughter".
    (And it also took his mind off his pain.) =)

  5. I thought it would make him feel better - or at least take his mind off feeling bad. I've been trying to post often this week so he has something to read. ;)

    Love you both!

  6. this is not a new post


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