Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you smell that snake?

Do you remember this snake?  The one with the bullet hole in his head?  He's still haunting me.

For some reason, when this creature was killed, and i was finished taking pictures under the light, i just left him, right where he was.  In my front yard.  

Good spot, right?

See, at my house, there are lots of animals that eat kind of whatever's lying around.  I'm sorry.  It's true.  So, having never been possessor of a gunned down snake, i assumed that someone around here would eat him.  So i left him in the yard.  

I was so wrong.

I was shocked to find him still in the yard the next day.

Then yesterday, when i walked out to the chicken coop, and that dead snake nearly knocked me down, i discovered that now that he's stinking up the whole neighborhood, someone actually pulled him closer to the house.  Yick.

So i used  a shovel to move him - as effectively as you might imagine a shovel may be used to move a snake - a little further away.

He still stinks.


Next time, i'll remember.  Hopefully there will never be a next time.  Throw dead snakes in the woods after you photograph them.

Then someone will probably eat him.



  1. Yikes! I would have to throw him in the woods. I can't stand to even think about a snake much less see it. LOL Good call.

  2. Some things just never come up when you live on a busy street corner in town. There are reasons to be grateful for that !!!


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