Thursday, September 30, 2010

Failed Football Meatloaf with Successful Bacon

Last Sunday, we went to watch the Texans play the Cowboys and lose with family - on said family's large screen t.v.  Looking back, we probably wouldn't have made such a big deal of if we had known they would lose, but that's another thing.

I was to make meatloaf for the football shindig.  I have a great meatloaf recipe (sorry, this is not a recipe post), which turns out wonderful every single time, except this time.  It was fine, but it wasn't the wonderfulness it normally is.  I think it might have been the quality of my onion.  I'm not sure.

Thing is, this meatloaf is ugly.  It just always looks awful!  Maybe that's why i don't have any pictures of it on here.

So, for Sunday, i decided to try something i've been wanting to do for a while.  Kris inspired me with her Bacon Explosion recipe, and i decided to cover the top of my meatloaf in a bacon weave.  I took Kris' advice and cooked my bacon a little before i wrapped the meatloaf, and it worked out very well.

Before baking

After baking

My biggest concern with this was the cuttability of the bacon.  I wanted to make nice meatloaf slices, and i was concerned that the bacon would make a mess of it.  It didn't though.  I was easily able to cut beautiful bacon wrapped slices of meatloaf.  It was gorgeous!  Now i just have to figure out why it didn't taste as good.  Maybe if i can wrap it in bacon and make it taste good, the Texans will win next time.


  1. The bacon mat sounds nifty, but I am just NOT a fan of meatloaf. I've tried all kinds of recipes, it's just not my thing... may have to find something I can use that bacon mat on, though - that would just be yummy!

  2. Try Kris' Bacon Explosion. That HAS be good!

  3. Thank you ! It really is good. And if you chew very, very quietly, you can hear your arteries slamming shut !!!


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