Saturday, September 11, 2010

The More Recent Nine Elevens and Good Things

It turns out that other things happen in our lives on September eleventh.  Thankfully, time does not stand still, and all good things are not forced to stand aside on the anniversary date of horrible things.

What am i talking about?  Oh, good question.

Today, in our personal lives, is kind of a special day.  It is the anniversary of the date that we bought our home two years ago.  Our tiny little house in the woods for which we are extremely thankful.

This was also the day before Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas, the same year.  We almost didn't get to buy the house because all the insurance companies stopped writing policies all of a sudden.  Thankfully, we were able to find someone to cover us, and the sale was made.

(We never do normal things when hurricanes are coming.  When everyone was evacuating for Hurricane Rita, we went birthday shopping at the mall.  It was great because it was so un-crowded!)

That night, we went back to our apartment in Conroe and waited out the storm.  I remember lying in bed, praying over our house and our trees and asking God to protect our new home.  Too bad i forgot to pray for the car!

After repairing our tree beaten car, we loaded up and drove out to our house.  When we walked around the house, we found lots of fallen trees, but they had all fallen parallel to our home.  The house was untouched.  And when you see how many towering oaks there are on our place, you know what a miracle that was.  In my minds eye, i could see the angels carefully guiding the fall of the trees so that they didn't threaten our home.  I was and am SO thankful.

There was one particular tree that we knew might fall - because it was hollow, and it was very close to the house.  Here's what it looked like after the storm.

And here's how it fell.

It was a very very tall tree.  To this day, we don't have all of it cleaned up.  But it fell exactly (o.k. i didn't measure) parallel to the back of our house.

God is so good!

So, today, i remember the big 9/11.  But i also have some great and happy 9/11's to celebrate.


  1. It's a must to remember our good memories on this date too. It can't all be a dark day forever. One we won't forget but one we will overcome.
    Congrats on your home Beth!

  2. I love storms. That's because we don't have them here. But when I was in Oklahoma, I loved storms, too. So -- I am happy that you get storms that miss your house but maybe not your car???

  3. I'll always have a good memory of the "bad" 9/11 as you say. At 10:11 that morning, 9 years ago, in the middle of all that nastiness, learning our country is being attacked, Twin Towers collapsing, my son was born. "God's way of showing us that life goes on," as my Mom said. Everybody says they'll never forget what they were doing/where they were, etc on that day, at that moment. Not only that, but I also have a living, breathing, blessing from God to remind me too :-)


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