Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nostalgic Fried Chicken

Ever since we have been raising chickens for meat, i have watched quite a few videos and tutorials about how to cut up a whole chicken.  In some cases, i don't really want to cut my chicken up the same way said tutorial wants me to.  In other cases, it turns out that my knife....doesn't do that.  I have made some attempts and not been successful - mostly at splitting the chicken down the middle to get to halves of the breast and what have you.


I remember when i was a girl, at some point, or sometimes, it was cheaper to buy a whole chicken and cut it up to do with as you please, rather than to buy say, a bag of leg quarters or whatever precut pieces you're looking for.

Stick with me, here.  This is going somewhere non-bloody.

Back to when i was a girl, one or more of those times that we bought whole chickens, my dad would cut them up for fried chicken or baked chicken or some such, and i would watch while he explained which piece to cut off when and how.  His way, i assume, is the old timey farmer way.  Apparently old timey farmers' knives act more like mine, because today, i really wanted to make some fried chicken.  Surprisingly, i haven't yet made any fried chicken from all these chickens in my freezer - mostly because of the intimidation of cutting up said chicken.

But today, i had a pretty neato experience.  (Yes, i said "neato.")

When i went to cut up my chicken, i my brain reached way back, twenty years or more, to remember watching my dad cut up those chickens for dinner.  And i remembered just what to do.

Look at that, would ya?  I certainly need some practice, but i didn't mangle it badly at all.

And it tasted pretty good.


Sorry that second picture is a little blurry. There's nothing to be done for it since we've already eaten most of that. You'll just have to imagine it without the blur.

What's the difference between the way Dad does it and the way the grocery store does it?

Well, at the grocery store, you usually get two legs, two thighs, two wings, and two breasts, an eight piece chicken.  Well, as i said, it's really hard to cut some of those pieces in two.  So when i cut it up tonight, which was at least pretty close to Daddy's method, i also got two legs, two thighs, and two wings.  In addition, i got one whole breast (which is actually how many breasts a chicken has, by the way), one whole back, and one whole rib section. Nine pieces.  

So, you parents, don't underestimate showing your children obscure little skills they may never use.  You just don't know where their lives may lead, and they need everything you can give 'em.

Thanks, Dad!  Dinner was great!


  1. wow..... that was great Beth..... I agree... My Grandfather let me "help" him plant and harvest potatoes when I was 6 or 7 when I lived in Denmark and I still think of him every time I am working in the Garden. I love those memories.

    I am not surprised that it all came back to you. It reminds me that being patient and teaching the little ones stuff DOES matter and they might actually "get it" even if they do not seem to.

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  3. You are welcome sweet heart!

    I am soooo proud of you,


  4. I'm impressed not only by your ability to cut up that chicken but also your willingness! The closest I ever come is to cut the legs & etc. off the baked chicken that I buy at Sam's Club. :-)

    I was glad to read that Edgar has not only been granted a reprieve from the dinner table, but will have a meaningful & I'm sure, enjoyable, job of making babies. He is a beautiful one - I think he knows it!

  5. You almost make me not hate cutting up chicken. Since I am single and don't eat dark meat, you would think I would just buy a bunch of breasts or wings and leave it at that. But no, I want fried chicken, and I think there is something written down somewhere that you have to cut up a whole chicken to make fried chicken.

    And speaking of fried chicken, I wonder how much the Colonel would ask for one wing. I just need a teensy bit of fried chicken goodness to get this extra crispy monkey off my back !


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