Saturday, September 4, 2010

Open Window Days

Almost two years ago, when we bought this house, a very major selling point for me - was the wind.

On a nice day, i can open up all the windows, and let the breeze flow through our tiny house, and it feels like i'm outside, even though i'm doing dishes or sitting on the couch.  I absolutely love that!  But because of our hot Texas summer, our windows haven't been opened for months.  Until today.

Last night, we actually slept without air conditioning, and this morning, upon the news of a weather forecast predicting a low of 60 degrees for tonight, my loving husband agreed upon an "open window day."

I stood in my kitchen and watched the chickens in the yard, and felt the breeze so strong on my face.  I nearly broke into tears.  I love the open windows part of the year more than many many things.

It actually got a little warm today, 85 or higher.  But the breeze felt so nice that i didn't mention it, and neither did he.  We're both also kind of watching ourselves save money while we don't run the air conditioner, so that helps us.

Though i expect we'll be turning the a/c back on sometime tomorrow morning, we are about to spend our second night in a row without using the electric money machine (a/c), and i am very pleased that fall is peeking at us, even if it hides a for a little while before truly making an entrance.


  1. Beautiful blog site! Love the open windows too. We have no a/c for the 2nd night here in WV and I loved it. Thanks for sharing as I am now following this one too :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  2. I was so happy to open our windows this weekend too!! I love days like these!

  3. Our window are open most of the time here ... Although it is hot and humid we also have a beautiful breeze that blows across the pastures. I hate paying HIGH electric bills! We use a window A.C.unit for sleeping only ... And I think that we may be at the end of that.
    Hope the cooler weather says for a while for you.

  4. We are having a nice open window day today so far. The breezes are brisk and fresh. So nice!

  5. What a wonderfil mental picture of you in your farmhouse with the breeze blowing. It must have been heaven.


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