Friday, September 17, 2010

Scrumptiously Oven Fried Spicy Coddled Chicken

I promised you amazing chicken, and here i am to deliver.  I accidentally discovered recently that i am some kind of a cooking wonder because i accidentally made up this method, and it works so good.

First you take your chicken.  You know what chicken looks like, right?  'Cause i didn't take a picture of it.  Your chicken might not be as wonderful as mine, since i raised and coddled mine and lovingly sent it to the freezer.  But i think the method will still work.

Take some regular old thawed pieces of chicken and coat them generously in your favorite or preferred seasoning mix.  I used Tony Chachere's, so mine is pleasantly spicy.  Coat it thoroughly on both sides.

Then, coat it even more thoroughly in salted flour.  I did this by use of a plastic ziploc bag.  You may do it by whatever method you prerfer.

See how i placed the pieces sort of upside down on the cookie sheet?  I did this on purpose.

Next, you need to grease your pan.  I tried to do this without greasing my pan, and it wasn't pretty.  You can use butter or oil or whatever makes you happy.

You can also use whatever kind of pan that makes you genuinely happy.  I'm using a cookie sheet this time.  Last time i used a cake pan and a cast iron skillet.  Be free.  Cook how ya wanna cook.  And then smear around the butter.

Place the chicken pieces presentation side down on the sheet and place in a 350 degree, preheated oven.

Then after about 30 minutes of baking, turn them over.

Thirty more minutes, and you should be home free.  But i always cut into a piece or two just to be sure.  There's nothing like not-quite-done chicken.

See the yum?  Oh yeah!

I love this recipe because it's oh so easy and because it gives your mouth the ambience of fried chicken without giving your arteries the same benefits.  Also, it turns out right every time.  And i, personally, have totally not perfected deep fried chicken, so that recipe is pretty hit and miss.  It might be a lot more miss since i think i'm going to stick to scrumptiously oven fried chicken from now on.


  1. yummy!!!! have to try it sometime soon!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beloved sister!!!!

    mmp :0)


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