Monday, October 4, 2010

Breeding less like bunnies than i expected

For those of you who are dying for an update on my bunny production.

Let's review:  

In April, i got my three New Zealand does delivered to me.  Then, in May, we got Oliver, who was too young to breed, but he was a male, so we were hopeful.  We thought our hope would arrive earlier than later though - and since May, we have learned that Oliver shouldn't have been expected to breed until well, now or later than now.

For those of you who might not remember, the reason we own rabbits is because we want them to feed us.  It might make me a horrible person, but i have no particular fascination with rabbits, and i find them kind of boring as far as entertainment - but i am very eager to eat their young.  I know.  Endearing.

Anyway, from time to time, we give Oliver a chance to become a daddy, just in case he's ready ahead of schedule.  I did the research and learned how to tell if the necessary "touch down" has been affected.  And yesterday, i think we got 6 points.  Maybe.

This is Oliver - updated pictures - he's still a very friendly boy, and thus difficult to get a good picture of.

This is Dolly, the expectant mother, who huddled in the corner of her cage while i was trying to take pictures - and never moved.  She's less friendly, but mainly docile.

This is Molly.  She is the largest of the three does, and a little friendlier than the other two (also difficult to get a good picture).

And this is Polly, both somewhat unfriendly and difficult to handle.  She did, however, sit very still for her photo shoot, which was nice.

For those of you who just fell in love with my bunnies and want to rescue their young from my freezer, please keep in mind that this is a homesteading blog, in part.  And we are trying to become responsible for our own food intake.  We're also learning all sorts of things they didn't teach us in high school science classes.

With hopes that Oliver is learning to fulfill his destiny, i am giving him a go with another girl tomorrow.  Molly.  I'm hoping she and Oliver will make nice big babies with friendly dispositions.

I'm hoping they start breeding like bunnies have been stereotyped to do.


  1. Good luck! And let me know how it goes - I'd honestly never considered bunnies (or tanning hides) until I read a book on homesteading I checked out of the local library talked about them as a source of meat. (Book was a really good read, and would be a good resource, I think, even though it was written in the 70's. Everything was laid out as it's done throughout the year, starting in January.) He did mention, though, it's best NOT to have friends over and let them oggle and oogle at cute baby bunnies and then have to fess up that rabbit is the main course for supper that night....

    I'm still undecided on bunnies for myself, but I'm pretty sure about goats and chickens. Just gotta find somebody local with some goats so I can get some first-hand knowledge. I'm all for book-learning, but there comes a time a girl needs to try something out, preferably before buying, and I think a goat would be one of those things.

    BTW, I have no clue if there's any taste difference (never eaten rabbit to my knowledge), but I definitely prefer looking at the ones that don't look like lab rats - something about those pinkish-red eyes just creeps me out! You'll have to let me know how goes the rabbiting adventures, and if there's any taste difference ;-)

  2. I love rabbit meat ! the only way i have ever eaten it was smothered with gravy and over rice..... very yummy

    I think your bunnies are wonderful and boring and it is a great adventure for you to be raising and freezing and stocking up.............. your own meat!


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