Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Incubating chicks -- i started a new hatch on Friday.  Twenty-four new eggs.

  • Broody hens incubating chicks -- i have a new broody hen, who is safe in the brooder, and i gave her seven eggs on Friday night.  She took to the move immediately and never protested.  What a relief!

I have a hunch i won't see those eggs for even a second until they hatch.  She's a very determined and steadfast mother hen.

  • Sassafrass -- This morning, i went sassafrass root hunting.  Since it grows a little more heartily than the weeds here, there was lots to be found.  Grand fun.  Grand smell.  I'm going to try some tea this year i think.  If it tastes as good as it smells......yum!

  • Cold weather.  It was 40 degrees this morning.  I had to get out my long sleeved t-shirt winter clothes so i could go outside and take care of my animals.  Cool weather makes me want to do stuff.  I love it.  Let me clarify.  I love Texas' cool weather.  I do not love the cold weather of the northerly states.  That's just too much of nice thing - to the point of torture.

  • Breezy days.  Crocheting for the holidays.  The freedom to bake bread.  Leaves all over the ground, camouflaging my yard in loveliness.  Chickens scratching and frolicking all day.  I love the autumn.

  • Favorite thing #1:  My most wonderful Gun-Slingin' Super Hero, who will get up on a 40 degree Saturday morning to get me kolaches and cappuccino from town.  And do it with a smile and a kiss.  There is no more wonderful husbandly super hero in the land.  I declare it.


  1. Some of my clearest memories of my grandpa are him making sassafrass tea in an old pot on the stove. As a kid, I remember thinking, "Who would want to drink that with a nasty root in it?"...but boy, was it ever good.

  2. "Cool weather makes me want to do stuff. I love it. Let me clarify. I love Texas' cool weather. I do not love the cold weather of the northerly states. That's just too much of nice thing - to the point of torture." Change Texas to Georgia, and I agree wholeheartedly!

    AND you crochet? :D I love it when I find somebody else under the age of, oh - I don't know - say 65, that crochets!

  3. My favorite time of year, too! Baking pumpkin (from the garden) bread, making jalapeno (from the garden) jelly and dreaming of my much bigger chicken coop. Now if I could just get all these pecans off the ground!
    My 11 yo daughter is learning to crochet so maybe it won't be a dying art after all.

  4. Awesome, Robin - I think it's fabulous when a tween/teen learns the art!


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