Saturday, October 30, 2010

In love, in a political way

On a rare political note, this morning i got to see a video of the House Minority Leader, John Boehner, in his Weekly Republican Address, and i fell in love . . . in a political way.

Then i did some searching and found his speech to the House, which he gave in March, before they voted on the health care bill.  And i fell in love again.

I like him because he doesn't seem to mind telling the truth in clear, succinct words, and because he seems to understand the meaning of the word, "representative."  So i thought i would share.  I don't consider myself a Republican, or anything else with an official name.  I simply believe in the original Constitution of the United States - and in the right to vote in officials who support my Christian World View.  Nuff said.

Also, Tuesday is election day.  If you haven't already, i hope you'll get to studying your local sample ballots and learn about who you're voting for in every level of government.  It's important.  If we don't vote, how will they know how to represent us?

Hope you enjoy these videos.

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