Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lyndsi, for slightly less wordy than usual Thursday.

Yesterday, i had the uncommon enjoyment of visiting with my Lyndsi.  Lyndsi is my first cousin's daughter, a.k.a., my first cousin once removed (that's for genealogy nerds like me).  Anyway, Lyndsi, who is very dear to my heart, left us for the Pacific Northwest a couple of years ago, and yesterday i got to hug her neck and see her smiling face for the first time in too long.

I also got to meet her fiance, Matt, who was well-liked by everyone who met him.  A great relief to us all.  

Good job, Lyndsi, bringing home such a sweet guy!

And that was slightly less wordy than usual Thursday.


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  2. He's a cutie pie! I was going to ask if he has a brother, but in truth I would probably need to ask if he has a grandfather....

    Lyndsi has great taste in both fiances and cousins, once removed.


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