Saturday, October 16, 2010

NOT Sick Cocktails

This past week, i encountered one or two possibly contagious people with random cold symptoms, one of whom i kiss on the lips from time to time.  Then yesterday, we went to spend time with family, and GSSH's mom was obviously ill and possibly running a fever, but socializing anyway.

I sometimes imagine myself to be invincible to disease and sickness, but when i get sick, i have to come to the understanding that the germs came from somewhere.

Recently, i have been catching someone's germs, seemingly every couple of weeks, so this morning when i woke up feeling like i was going to feel like my mother-in-law in a few hours, i sent GSSH to the store for my favorite sickness preventative, Airborne.  I LOVE that stuff!  Back in the old days, when i was encountering the coughing sneezing sniffling public on a daily basis, i used airborne a lot, just to stay strong and healthy.  If you're not familiar, Airborne is just a giant tablet (sometimes a powder) that you drop into your glass of water, and it fizzes like alka-seltzer, but it packs a giant vitamin and mineral, immune system strengthening, punch.  And it doesn't taste too bad.

I started mixing it though, with orange juice and plum puree.  It's really good.  And i am feeling much better.

I'm just sitting and sipping on my Not Sick Cocktails, (alcohol free, of course).

That's what i'm doing today.


  1. Oh Beth, I hope you're feeling better!! Rest and drink those cocktails!


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