Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The First Big Holiday of the Year

I've just finished making notes on my sample ballot, so that i'll remember who i do and don't want to vote for when GSSH and i go to the polls this afternoon.

This is Election Day.

Voting is a right, responsibility, and privilege, which is held in high esteem in this household.  I think that voting is sacred and something very few, if any of us really understand the true importance of.  Thus, as i made my picks for all the different positions, i prayed.  My God knows everything about every candidate and every race, including the future.  So i mostly want to vote for Him.

All that was just to say that i hope your vote is counted today too.  And if, for some reason, you're unable to vote today, i hope you'll make certain you're able to vote next time.  It's too important to let it go.  So many lives have been paid to give us this freedom.  Let us not ever let that be taken for granted, or it may be taken away.

Tonight at my house, will be a little like a football game, with the excitement of watching the votes being tallied up in each race.  It's very exciting and very important and very solemn, all at once.

May God's will be done and His name be praised.


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