Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Most Thankful Time of the Year

Today is Thanksgiving.

You probably knew that.

Thanksgiving is my favorite "holiday," partly because it seems to be the least infiltrated by commercialism and whatnot. It's about giving thanks, hence the name.  It was about giving thanks in the very beginning, and it is about giving thanks now.  I think it might be God's favorite holiday too.

O.k., for some people, it's about eating as much as possible and then yelling at a football game.  But even those folks generally get some thankfulness in there somewhere.

Let's pretend for minute, that we're all at a Thanksgiving table together, and we're doing the thing where you go around the table, and each person tells what he or she is thankful for.  And right now it's my turn.  You're welcome to take your turn in the comments, by the way.

Recently i read (yes, i'm telling you what i'm thankful for) Psalm 106, which at first glance, is a little tedious and boring in comparison to many of the other psalms, which are normally flowery and poetic.

This one chronicles, in a way, the pickles the Israelites got themselves into (from the beginning of the time that there were ever Israelites), how they acted about it, and how God responded to them.

Let me sum it up.  God pours out amazing blessing and generosity on His people.  His people tell Him how awesome He is and pledge their undying love and devotion.  Next, the people completely forget about the provision and love of God and start doing abominable things like worshiping golden calves or sacrificing their children to foreign gods.  In response, God lays off on the blessings a bit, until the the people take notice and remember which God is the real one and start asking for mercy.  God hears, has great mercy on His people, and restores them to fellowship, demonstrating His unfailing love.

Repeat times infinity.

Does any of this sound familiar?

As much as i don't want it to be, on some level, i think this is true of many or all of our lives.  We might not go sacrificing our kids on a stake to a non-existent false god, but we do forget how great is the love of the Lord for His children.  And we pull away.

And God is merciful enough to allow it to be brought to our attention that we need Him.

And that's why i'm thankful.  I need Him so much, and i love Him so much, and He loves me so much more - that He allows me to feel the pain of His absence when my mind and heart begin to wander to the things of this world.  And then He restores me to His fellowship and His heart, and i again know the joy of His presence and unbelievable awe of His love.

I hope you do too.

All of God's indelible love to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Wonderful post Beth. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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