Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Caramel Break


This has to be quick.  I'm on a short break. Christmas making is very busy.

I'm snacking on some caramel corn i just made and deciding whether i want to adjust the caramel to popcorn ratio for better coverage.  I think that i do.  I'm going to go back and start over in a couple of minutes.  I usually use my mom's Microwave Caramel Corn recipe, but the microwave i currently own is about 30 years old, and though it does the job, it isn't powerful enough to pull off caramel corn.  So i went to the internet and found this recipe.  It's very tasty, but the coverage is a little bit thin in my opinion.  Thus the impending adjustments.

This past weekend, we were blessed with some new furniture, which greatly improved our storage space and the appearance of our home.  It also compelled us to rearrange nearly every corner of our home and to get rid of a couple of things that weren't pulling their weight around here.  I've decided that we're at capacity.  And miraculously, there exist in my home 2 large drawers and several medium size shelves that have yet to be filled.  What a breath of fresh air!  Thank you, Tammy!

Now that my house looks like a home again, i'm starting the final "bake-down" before Christmas.  Caramel corn today, brown-n-serve rolls tomorrow.  My parents sent me the priceless and ingenious gift of a battery charger last week, and now i will be able to take pictures and blog about bread-making.  Thank you, Mom and Dad!

I've been crocheting a ton lately, but i can't show you pictures of what i made until after Christmas.  But i'm very happy with a few developments in my crocheting repertoire this year.  I'm made some items that i would be willing to buy and that i like very much.  That's kind of the test.  Or at least it seems like a good one.

Well, i'm all out of popcorn, and i imagine the caramel on the pan i was soaking has softened by now, so this is the end of my break.  Back to work.

I'm really loving this!

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  1. I think the popcorn looks wonderful. I hope you had a special Christmas and a happy new year to come :)


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