Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Cinnamon Roll in Review

 Is it wrong to talk about cinnamon rolls twice in a row?  If it is, i'm sorry.

Still, i am going to talk about cinnamon rolls.

This is a review of the aforementioned Overnight Cinnamon Rolls recipe that i found on allrecipes.com.

The cinnamon rolls that i formed on Sunday night looked like this on Monday morning.  Not exactly what i would call "risen."  But that's o.k.

The recipe said to let it rest on the counter top for 30 minutes before baking.  Once baked, they looked like this.

With icing . . .

Yum . . .

My thoughts:  easy and fun to make.  Probably could have made twice as many with the same recipe.  These are gigantic and a little doughy, which is o.k. with me but not with everyone.  The filling is dry and should include butter, in my opinion.  The icing includes corn syrup, which adds a funny flavor i could have done without.

All in all, a yummy recipe, but i will keep looking for perfection.


  1. for icing you can't go wrong w/ milk, powdered sugar & a little cream cheese - mix in proportion to your taste buds. I'd butter the dough too before I sprinkled on the cinnamon & sugar (don't see how that would be a problem if they're in the fridge overnight)
    All that to say though - they look AMAZING (and I always go for the middle ones cuz they're doughy)

  2. It is NEVER wrong to talk about cinnamon rolls twice in a row ;-)


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