Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coffee Break (literally)

This very short post shall explore the appropriate use of the word, "literally," while also being a real blog post.

I am literally taking a short coffee break before i go back to work.

Lord willing, and the creek don't literally rise, i intend to attend the birth of my God son, Kaleb Isaiah, whose momentous arrival is scheduled for sometime between 10 and 11 am, tomorrow morning.

I am very excited about Kaleb's birthday, but since my attendance will require my absence from home, i am very busy preparing meals and attempting to leave a clean kitchen behind, while i am gone.

I literally went to bed after 2:00 this morning, which did not leave enough sleep to prepare me for a a fun but extraordinarily long Sunday.  Thus, i have literally started drinking a literal pot of coffee near 6:00 p.m. because i don't think i can accomplish everything without it.  I literally thank the Lord for coffee.  While it should not be abused, it is quite helpful in a proverbial pinch.

I decided to take a short literal coffee break and have a snack to renew myself before going back to work.

Lord willing, and the creek don't literally rise, i will get to bed at a decent hour so that i will be prepared to be literally awake and alert to drive to The Woodlands for the grand day.

Happy literal Birthday Eve, Kaleb!  Literally, See You Tomorrow!


  1. I like literally LOVED this post. No, really. I totally loved it. Mostly because there have been no new internet episodes of the Rachel Zoe Project, so I am like literally dying.

    If you don't know about Rachel Zoe, I have just made a total fool of myself. Literally.


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