Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coupon Slingin' Super Husband

I told you that, even though we haven't had much time to get really prepared to be extreme couponers, we wanted to find some kind of really good deal that we could take advantage of this weekend.  Well, to our surprise and delight, right here in our tiny little town, where the only grocery store is Brookshire Brothers, we were able to get a couple of snazzy little deals.  Not extreme couponer worthy, but snazzy anyway.

The box top people are doing some promotions lately, and Brookshire Brothers was offering $5.00 off if you bought ten participating items.  Included in the "participating items" were Hamburger Helper and Totino's Pizzas.  We found some coupons for both (though the online Hamburger Helper coupons ran out before we could get all we wanted), and we were able to get ten Hamburger Helpers for 60 cents a piece, and ten more for 75 cents each.  We also took advantage of the Totino's Pizzas, since we like them for a junk food snack now and then, and with this deal, we got them for 57 cents a piece.

Also, i was able to print a few of a very hot and rare Borden cheese coupon for $1 off.  Combined with Brookshire Brothers' 2/$4 sale, we got the cheese for $1 each.  Tomorrow we're hoping to use a few more at a big city store and possibly bring home the cheese for 88 cents a bag.  How cool would that be?

Oh, the title of this post . . . did i tell you that my super hero husband does the bulk of the grocery shopping around here?  It's kind of nice to be me.  


  1. So awesome! I wish I had more time, and more printer ink! One of these days, I hope to follow in your footsteps !!!

  2. Way to go CSSH! Those are great prices. Coupons are a wonderful thing. Husbands who shop are a wonderful thing. A husband who shops with coupons... only a dream for me.
    I bet it is nice being you :)


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