Monday, January 10, 2011

New Baby and cute pictures of people you may or may not know

He's here!  Yesterday, i told you i was going to attend (meaning "be present in the same building as") Kaleb's birth, and i did.  Here he is with his happy mama, my dear friend, Meredith, my sister from another mother (and father) as it were.

For comparison, i dug out my pictures of Kaleb's big sister, Rachel, whose birthday i also attended.

The two babies look a lot alike.  I can tell which one is Rachel by her nose. 

Congratulations to my friends!  Happy Birthday, Kaleb!


  1. Congratulations Jeremy and Meredith !!

    Kaleb looks very much like his sister!! I am so happy for you both! God bless you two and your wonderful new little family!!

    Eva. :)

  2. What a big boy! My grandchildren were both 4 pounds or so, so to me he looks three months old!

    Absolutely beautiful baby, and yes he does resemble his sister mightily. Do you have a recent picture of the sister?

    I miss babies.


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