Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simple Sewing, Bethy-Homemaker

I don't mind telling you.

I'm very proud of myself.

Around here, my wardrobe mainly consists of t-shirts and jeans.  And lately, i found myself without t-shirts that were worthy of being worn (without shame) in public.  My work-at-home t-shirts are either covered in stains from baking bread and cleaning chicken coops, or they're full of holes from generous wear.

And since my local Walmart store has discontinued its beautiful wall of cheap t-shirts, from which i most often purchase my wardrobe, i found an ebay vendor with some reasonably priced plain t-shirts and placed an order.

I received my t-shirts with lightning speed and free shipping, and i was delighted.  But when i tried on the shirts, i discovered that they aren't cut quite like i would expect.  They're not Fruit of the Loom, after all.

So i modeled in front of the mirror and folded things here and there, and then this evening, i got out my trusty sewing machine and made a few well-placed stitches that make my t-shirts look pretty normal -- even a little bit well-put-together.

And now i feel like a successful little housewife for "altering" my clothes, so to speak.

I felt so good about it that i put a new hem in some jeans that have been four inches too long for several months.

And then i felt even more Bethy-homemaker-ish, which i really really enjoy.


  1. Yay you !!! One of these days I will get both of sewing machines repaired (one I got for 8th grade graduation!) and do some sewing. But for now I will settle for living vicariously through you !!!!


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