Monday, January 24, 2011


There isn't much going on around here.

It's cold and rainy and awful, so no one wants to be outiside.

The chickens are molting and not laying eggs, possibly in protest of the horrible weather, so my big new year chicken production plan is on hold for an undefined period of time.

The rabbits continue to do nothing whatsoever, except eat, of course.

There's no produce to can right now (again, a nod to the weather).

And i think i've baked all the bread i can for a while, not as much because you're probably tired of it, as because i'm finally out of yeast, and there wasn't a sale on it this week.

I'm trying to think of other "heritage skills" to blog about.

I'm thinking tomorrow i'll do one on sweeping your cement floor after living in a mud puddle for a few days, but i just don't think it will get the ratings spike i'm hoping for.  ;)

I think i'll be putting my lazy crochet hook back to work in the very near future, fixing a project or two and possibly working up a few items to see how they will sell.  Crocheting doesn't blog very well, unless you're writing a blog in which you teach people how to crochet.  But i'll probably share pictures.  Just not today.

I'm also tossing around possibilities for producing washable and water proof diapers and feminine items to sell online, and i'm pretty excited about that, but i'm going to have to crochet-earn the money for the materials to get that one off the ground.  I remain excited in the meanwhile.

Boredom is good for getting rested after a nasty cold.  I'm thankful for that.

And i'm sure that in the next few days (and when the rainy-ness breaks) i'll feel a little more excited about the goings on around here.

But for now, it's rain as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear.







  1. Good idea on the diapers and feminine products. The "green" and "organic" movement is pushing for this. I saw on Amazon that an organic/hemp fitted diaper sells for almost $19. I hope you get some on Etsy soon.

  2. Thanks, Merit. I don't really consider myself part of the "green" movement, but i do like to support the use of things that seems to make so much more sense. Spending the millions and probably billions of dollars per year that Americans spend on disposable items (when there are pretty simple alternatives) seems less than sensible. Not that i'm there yet myself. But i would like to be.


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