Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ever since i was a little girl with my first lock-in-key diary, i have aspired to be a professional writer.  And a couple of years ago, when i became a stay at home wife, i decided to see what the interwebs would offer me in the way of freelance writing opportunities.

The answer was "not a lot."  But i did write four little articles for  When my royalties didn't add up fast enough, i lost interest and didn't pay attention to ehow anymore.  Until i started finding unexplained money in my paypal account, which i traced back to my ehow articles.

Well, while i wasn't paying attention, ehow did some business remodeling, and i am no longer allowed to write for them, mostly because i wasn't paying attention.  But my articles remain, and from time to time, i get a few dollars in my paypal account, thanks to the web surfers who click on them.

Well, the other day, i realized that i have become a professional writer, when i received in the mail a 1099 tax form for $16.38 in royalties, for writing.  That's it.  I'm a professional writer!

Funny enough, the article i wrote that appears to be earning me the most money, is thanks to my obsession with enjoyment of correct grammar.  It's my explanation of how to use their, they're, and there and my other best seller, how to use too, to, and two, that have won me all these riches.

I just thought y'all would like to know that i'm going to become famous for correcting other people's grammar.

I always thought it would be something more interesting.


  1. Two comments. You are too funny and I am sending lots of love to you.
    See you Friday.

  2. You are famous for much more than that.

  3. You are such an awesome writer, you ought to try to branch out! Now that you are going to have all that free time and all. :)

    Seriously, though, your life journey is fascinating. I wonder how the Lord might want to use it.

  4. We just bought our two oldest granddaughters a key lock diary (they are 10 yrs. old and 8 1/2 yrs.) Since you are now a writer, our granddaughters might just follow in your footsteps. They have great imaginations and are creative, their parents stress these qualities in their children.

  5. I love it!!! I will have to read the article and earn you a few more cents! I'm surprised that they 1099'd you though....I thought your income had to be more than $600.

  6. That's great! As a "paid tax preparer," I'll chime in and say that Joy is correct - I'm rather surprised they sent you a 1099 for anything less than $600 *shrug*


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