Friday, February 4, 2011

Because Y'all Are My Favorites

Since y'all are my favorites, and because you read my posts, and because i don't want you to be left out of the loop, i want to let you know that our little farm is doing some downsizing, and that anyone who reads this blog and is interested in my rabbits or some of my chickens (not all of them) could very well get some pretty discounted prices on some additions to their own wanna-be farms.  I'm not a professional breeder or anything. I simply offer you sturdy, hearty stock that lay yummy eggs and make yummy meat and don't get sick easily.

Please keep in mind that i took these pictures today, one of the coldest days of the year for my poor Texan chickens, and they're kind of fluffed up and disliking the weather.

I have barn yard Rhode Island Reds, various ages

 a few Barred Rocks, about a year and a half old

and some black sex links

a male cockerel, about 20 weeks

female black sex link pullets

I also have some beautiful mixes that i call Terra Cottas, that are a mix between RIR and Buff Orpington. They're orange, and they're beautiful, and i love them, and i had planned to breed them to see if i could get them to breed true, but i am going to postpone that particular goal for a little while. I have a rooster and two pullets of this mix, and i would be honored if some reader of this blog wanted to take them and raise them and see if you can breed them true.  Or if you just want to take them and raise them and love them, that would be great too.


This is Edgar.  You might remember him from his great escape and from the story about Lily and Edgar.

This is TerraCotta, a pullet who just started laying a couple of months before it got cold.

This is Penny, a pullet, who will start laying shortly after spring time arrives.  Isn't she lovely?

Don't forget the bunnies.

This is Oliver, the Flemish Giant x Californian buck.  He's about 9 months old.  Those dark markings go away during the warmer months, and he turns pure white. 

Oliver is very friendly and curious and thus difficult to get a good picture of.

This is dolly, a New Zealand doe.  She's around 17 months old.  She might be pregnant, but i don't think so. She's naturally timid, and thus takes great pictures.

She got a little curious about the camera.  What a funny face!  Haha!

This is Molly, my other New Zealand doe, the same age as Dolly.  She's a little bit more friendly than Dolly.

She had a little ear mite problem and scratched it.  That's why her ear looks that way.  Ear mites are easily taken care of with a little WD-40.  It's good for everything.

I'm not really inclined to ship any of these animals across the country, so in case there was any question, this offer is probably best meant for those who live in the southeast Texas area and will be able to come and pick up their new farm friends.

For those of you who live afar off, i hope you enjoyed the new pictures.

For anyone who's wondering what's wrong.  Nothing's wrong.  We're simply regrouping a bit, and i'll probably explain more about that at a later date.

To discuss the animals and directions and trades and whathaveyou, please  email me privately and write "Humble Ambitions" in the subject line.  Thanks!


  1. Dem is pretty chickens!
    Do you raise the wabbits for meat?

    Curious in Conroe

  2. Dear Curious,

    It was our intention to raise the rabbits for meat, but we have never successfully bred them. *noideawhatwe'redoing


  3. I wish I lived closer to you and on a hobby farm. I'd be all over living with chickens and rabbits! Good times!


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