Friday, February 11, 2011

HELLO lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo o o o o o o o

I must have mentioned that we're downsizing around here.

Yes, i definitely mentioned that.

I have just a little over a week before i start back to working away from home, and with no more slaughter dates in our near future, i was in a a minor pre-panic to "re-home" a grand slew of chickens, many of whom were raised for meat but whose slaughter dates had been lost in the proverbial black hole of our big transition.  I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but the point is that we needed them to move on.

Today, i was blessed with friends who came and hauled off most of the grand slew.  Followed by a neighbor who hauled off a 8 more, leaving 5 beautiful hens who are scheduled to go to their new home on Sunday, my two beautiful roosters (i may have mentioned them once or twice), Rocky and Edgar, and 9 Buff Orpingtons, who will be my new flock.


A couple of months ago, i had almost ninety chickens.  That's ten percent.

I think my remaining chickens were at a loss for what to do this evening.  I found them all tucked away in chicken bed before it had even gotten dark outside.  The coop seemed empty in comparison to its recent capacity.

I imagine that it won't take them more than a couple of days to forget that they coop was ever more populated than it is right now, but when i went in to say goodnight (yes, i'm just exactly that sappy sometimes) my voice seemed to echo.  Obviously, only in my head, but still.


For those of you who are following this blog for its farming enthusiasm, here's the new plan.  I'm not just getting rid of chickens; i'm following  new strategy.  The chickens remaining (after i re-home all the mover-outers) will all be Buff Orpingtons, a very docile and very broody chicken breed, which we have always loved.  This will enable us to produce fertilized hatching eggs for possible sale, and pure bred B.O. chicks for sale, so we can support our chicken and egg habit.  That is to say, making these chickens pay for themselves.  As time goes on, we'll expand again, but possibly this time, we'll be a little more organized about it and make the chickens a little (or a lot) more self-sustaining.  The benefit in the mean time is that we will have a lot less chicken work to do, but we'll still be able to enjoy our chickens and our fresh eggs.

This evening, i listed Rocky and Edgar on just about every come-and-take-my-chickens list i could think of, but i haven't gotten any responses yet.

Anyone want some really gorgeous roosters?  The price is good.  The price could be really good.


  1. Not being a farm girl, I'm going to say something here I'm positive I have never said before. Those roosters really are beautiful! Suddenly I see why people put pictures of roosters up in their kitchens. They are so colorful and proud!

  2. Bonnie, i totally agree. God dresses up roosters so beautifully! It's going to be hard to see these guys go.


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